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New Games painted on the Fire Lane

This summer volunteers painted games along the fire lane in front and back of Monarch. These games should add to the students’ fun at recess. In the back of the school, there is enough 4square games for an entire class to play! Monarch’s PE teacher, Mrs. Bowman, requested these games for use during her related arts classes as well. Over the course of a month, there was such a wonderful response for volunteer help to paint! The PTA chairs would like to thank the following for their time and talent:
Lori, Addison, and Keaton Stuart
Jami Gregory
Karen Vaughn
Tonya, Madelyn, and Aubrey Baumbach
Suzanne and Ryan Long
Amber, Aubrey, and Savannah Cason
Cassie, Abigail, and Madelyn McKay
Jason, Jeanne, McKenna, and Isabella Mills
Christe James, and Alexandra Calton
And big thanks to Nancy Skelton for running this wonderful project!!

Best wishes to the students as they participate in the new activities!