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PTA Board and Chairs

2019-2020 PTA Board

Click the link above for a pdf version of the contact sheet

Position Name Email Phone
President Lori Stuart lori.stuart@hotmail.com 704-516-2306
President Elect Melissa Christiano melissa.christiano@gmail.com 561-541-7995
Directory Jeremy Stuart jeremyr.stuart@hotmail.com 864-630-2225
Spiritwear Lisa Wight lisawight23@hotmail.com 208-391-3150
Communications Sandy Olender sandy.olender@gmail.com 917-548-2717
Monarch Imagineer Nancy Skelton nancymskelton@gmail.com 864-270-0865
Treasurer Barbara Harvey monarchptatreasurer@gmail.com 562-505-7858
Assistant Treasurer OPEN
Recording Secretary Sarah Zering spindaisyz@gmail.com 864-918-7391
Corresponding Secretary Lisa Furmanek LMP7045@yahoo.com 864-884-3121
Friends of Monarch Lisa Furmanek LMP7045@yahoo.com 864-884-3121
VP Business Partners Stacey Roberts staceyroberts218@gmail.com 201-410-6944
Silent Auction – Class Baskets Jenn Goldy goldy.jenn@gmail.com 513-678-8650
Silent Auction Melissa Christiano melissa.christiano@gmail.com 561-541-7995
Silent Auction Sara Lyskawa saralyskawa@gmail.com 207-217-5548
Silent Auction Sara Head sarabhead@gmail.com 864-616-9782
Silent Auction Erica Ritter erica.c.ritter@gmail.com 908-310-7573
Spirit Nights Melissa Christiano melissa.christiano@gmail.com 561-541-7995
VP Membership Angela Godfrey angelajgodfrey@gmail.com 864-293-8878
VP Programs and Services Aimee Heard apheard69@gmail.com 864-313-9057
5th Grade Day Paige Winch dpaige7@yahoo.com 636-734-4844
5th Grade Day Elizabeth Rogers elizabethdavisrogers@gmail.com 843-814-6440
Bookfair – Lead Erica Wingate egwingate@yahoo.com 864-525-7888
Bookfair Tami Oberg tamioberg@gmail.com 801-800-3227
Bookfair Dannette O’Neill rdm.oneill@gmail.com 864-436-0377
Class T-Shirts Paige Winch dpaige7@yahoo.com 843-814-6440
Class T-Shirts Haley Reynolds reynoldshr9@gmail.com 864-607-0409
Gardening/Beautification Emily Moughon emh_eced@hotmail.com 423-552-5496
Grandparents Week/VIP Breakfast Jami Gregory gruberjam@yahoo.com 864-216-3179
Grandparents Week/VIP Breakfast Ashley Mullikin ash1073@aol.com 864-376-2808
Historian/Photography Stephanie Broker tifferb@gmail.com 864-735-6447
Historian/Photography Darien Lewandowski ddudek751@yahoo.com 480-294-7873
Hospitality Chelsea Phillippe chelseaphillippe@aol.com 864-361-2487
Hospitality OPEN
Mother/Son Night Christine Stewart cdubbs14@hotmail.com 864-934-3352
Mother/Son Night Amber Ford amberford.simplysaid@gmail.com 864-399-2274
Programs and Services Continuted
Reflections Mel Jackson melmeljackson@att.net 864-363-0905
Reflections Carrie Prouty carolynprouty1@gmail.com 917-689-9367
Running Club – Fall Christine Stewart cdubbs14@hotmail.com 864-934-3352
Running Club – Fall Tiffany Cardwell tiffanycardwell@yahoo.com 404-849-9561
Running Club – Fall Kyle Horton kylehorton1977@gmail.com 864-363-9061
Running Club – Spring Christine Stewart cdubbs14@hotmail.com 864-934-3352
Running Club – Spring Danielle Wasser  ellewasser.dw@gmail.com
Running Club – Spring Mandy Reames
School Supply Boxes Paige Winch dpaige7@yahoo.com 636-734-4844
STEAM Team – Lead Kathryn Ferguson kjferguson84@gmail.com 864-630-9796
STEAM Team – Lead Mel Jackson melmeljackson@att.net 864-363-0905
STEAM Team Jessica McMullen Typedmama@gmail.com 704-641-8000
Terrific Kids Stephanie Broker tifferb@gmail.com 864-735-6447
VP Volunteers OPEN
Room Parent Coordinator Katheryn Ferguson kjferguson84@gmail.com 864-630-9796
Related Arts Coordinator Maria Barontini Curlysue708@hotmail.com 724-493-5985
SEEDS Amy Roemmich amybroemmich@gmail.com 864-430-8527
VP Ways and Means OPEN
Boosterthon Cassie McKay cassiemckay08@gmail.com 864-201-5406
Box Top Labels Kate Elliott kmehawkeye@gmail.com 770-315-0357
Carnival Aimee Heard apheard69@gmail.com 864-313-9057
Carnival Jenn Purcell MUrz11J@aol.com 864-915-7604
Carnival Patricia Amiama patriciaamiama@gmail.com 470-234-8410
Father/Daughter Dance Lauren Young laurendavisyoung@gmail.com 210-260-0503
Father/Daughter Dance Stacey Babinicz staceybabinicz@gmail.com 864-404-5290
Mistletoe Market Colleen Barnes colleenmbarnes@gmail.com 864-770-3233
Mistletoe Market Karen Vaughn karen.en.vaughn@gmail.com 704-806-0570
School Store Rhonda Beeker rhondabeeker@gmail.com 864-704-2046
School Store OPEN

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