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4th Grade Challenge Popsicle Bridge Building Competition

The 4th Grade Challenge Popsicle Bridge Building Competition was this past weekend and our Monarch Students did great!

The students spend approximately three months in the classroom learning about bridge design and the challenges of creating a strong, yet lightweight bridge which is essential in today’s real world scenarios of cost efficient design.  The 4th grade students construct their bridges with Popsicle sticks and Elmer’s wood glue and must adhere to certain constraints regarding height, length and width.  The bridges are then brought to the competition for final weigh-in and testing as part of the competition.

Bridges are judged by a panel of judges and winners are chosen for the following categories:

1.    Best Architectural Design
2.    Most Original Design
3.    Best Craftsmanship
4.    Best Structural Design

Click here to see the teams, their bridges, and awards.